Ensitech TIG Brush 550 Propel Kit



Dynamic power transfer
Optimized for use with the Propel™ Torch new generation high current output increased power
110v single phase power
Weld cleaning & passivation polishing mode
Etching & marking capabilities
100% Duty cycle
24 Month warranty
Single, dual & quad brush mode
IP65 Degree of protection

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TIG Brush™ Genuine Technology Enhanced to give you a Superior finish

The 550 Series utilizes a specifically focused adaptation of the 700 series design, to align its performance with Ensitech’s latest technological advance, the PROPEL™ Torch.

As you would expect, this gives you the superior results consistently and reliably delivered by our proven combination of heat, electricity and use of genuine TIG Brush™ cleaning, marking and etching fluids.

TIG Brush™ on going innovation and patented power delivery system gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that you have achieved the industry’s highest level of passivation in a fast but safe way.