Industrial & Hospitality Gases

Industrial essentials are widespread and it requires a vast supply of products to fulfill all the needs. To list down our product range it includes - everything from measure tapes to heavy industrial tools. Being comprehensive gas suppliers, our collection includes hospitality gases, industrial gases, and specialty gases and many more. Under industrial and hospitality gases all the equipment includes:

Gas Types and Uses: We can supply any of the gas products in the desired quantity in various gas cylinder sizes. Oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and rare gases fundamentally make the core of Air Liquide Gases, which is an enduring partner for all gas supplying needs.

Hospitality Gas: Our range of hospitality gases are utilized in hotels, clubs, associations, wineries, and food industry.

Industrial Gas: We supply industrial gases that equip the process of your TIG Welding, MIG Welding, Oxy Acetylene Welding & Heating, Construction, Ship Building, Aquaculture, Automotive, Fabrication, Medical, and many more. Any of your industrial gas needs can be fulfilled at Dandy Gas.

Specialty Gas: To cater to your needs of metalworking, chemical, food processing, laboratories, and many more, we supply wide range of these gases.

Material Safety Data Sheets: All our gases are furnished with Material Safety Data Sheets from Air Liquide.

Reliable dealers stocking wide assortment of industrial tools

Dandy Gas provides daily local delivery service for all our gas supplies. Apart from the gas supplies, we also offer premium safety workwear in Melbourne, which keeps you insulated from all the potential threats caused in the harsh work environment. Industrial tools cannot exclude abrasives as it is essential for the routine activities of the industry. The best industrial abrasives are stocked by us, you can opt for the one which is compatible to all your needs. With the new inventions in technology, the welding process has been evolved to include technically advanced tools, and one amongst them is Ac Dc Tig welder. This welding component is operational on both AC and DC welding capabilities and can be utilized for welding all type of metals.

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