Ensitech TIG Brush 440 Propel Kit



Dynamic power transfer
Optimized for use with the Propel™ Torch
Enhanced power
110v single phase power
Weld cleaning & passivation
Polishing mode
Etching & marking capabable 100% Duty cycle
24 Month warranty
Single or propel torch/wide brush mode
IP65 Degree of protection


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TIG Brush™ Genuine Technology Enhanced to give you a Superior finish

The all new 440 Series is optimized to include the latest advances in TIG Brush™ technology and streamlined to deliver the quality you’ve come to expect from Ensitech.

The new design and innovative technology continues to provide our proven combination of heat, electricity and chemistry to give you a surface finish and level of passivation, which is the best in the industry.

Using the TIG Brush™ 440 Series' patented power delivery with Ensitech genuine fluids and accessories, gives the user peace of mind knowing they will always achieve the fastest, safest and most effective weld cleaning results.